Aureon Biosystems has extensive know-how in the design and development of high fidelity amplification systems. All systems are optimized to have similar or better performance than competitive amplification sytems such as PCR.


Isothermal Chain Reaction "isoCR"

A high fidelity amplification systems with two primers and a special polymerase.

  • No theromocycling required

  • High specificity amplification products

  • Very low error rate on polymerase

  • Higher yield than PCR

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Ligation of Multiple Oligomers "LMO"

Amplification assay for the detection of point mutations

  • Detects human genome and pathogen point mutations 

  • Extremely specific and sensitive

  • Precise results

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Linear Amplification of Nucleic Acids "LANA"

A faster amplification assay

  • Sequences amplified 1000 times within 15 minutes


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