Streptavidin A-BeadsTM

Streptavidin coated Intelligent Bead SystemTM (IBS)  Isolation of any biotinylated target

For research use only under the supervision of a technically qualified individual. Not for use in clinical diagnostic procedures. 

  • Maximum capture and binding capacity 

  • Intelligent bead system - minimal mixing required

  • Very high signal to noise ratio

  • Extremely low background

  • Efficient isolation of any biotinylated target

1. Product Format

One bottle of Streptavidin A-BeadsTM contains a suspension of 10 mg/mL streptavidin coated magnetic particles.

2. Product Description

Streptavidin A-BeadsTM are polydisperse 1.8µm paramagnetic particles covalently coupled with streptavidin. The paramagnetic particles remain in solution over extended periods of time. Minimal mixing is required for the fast and efficient separation of biotin-labelled molecules.

3. Application
mRNA Isolation

A 5'-biotin labeled oligo(dT)20 probe is hybridized with mRNA and immobilized on Streptavidin A-BeadsTM. After binding, the mRNA can be eluted or processed directly for RT-amplification.

Solid Phase Amplification

The 5'-biotin labeled primer bound to Streptavidin A-BeadsTM may be used for amplification reactions directly on the magnetic particle. One amplified strand may be eluted for further detection or detected directly by hybridization on the solid support.

Mutation Detection
Streptavidin A-BeadsTM, all reactions from amplification to detection can be carried out in microtiter plates for mutation detection.
Immunomagnetic Cell Isolation
Biotinylated antibodies bound to
Streptavidin A-BeadsTM provide a simple and rapid method for the positive and negative isolation or depletion of cells. 

4. Test Principle

The high affinity of the streptavidin/biotin interaction (Kd=10-15) allows the rapid and efficient biomagnetic isolation of biotin labelled target molecules. Streptavidin A-BeadsTM can be successfully used in cycling applications for target amplification.

5. Specifications

The Streptavidin A-BeadsTM  capture and binding capacity is 10-20% better than any competitive Streptavidin magnetic particle commercially available.


6. Procedure for testing the reagent

Equilibrate the unopened bottle of Streptavidin A-BeadsTM reagent at room temperature. Prepare a dilution series of biotinylated alkaline phosphatase in buffer. Add 200 µg magnetic particles to 1 mL of each dilution and incubate without mixing for 10 min. Wash 4 times with TPBS using a MagnetOnTM. Resuspend in 1 mL of TPBS and add 5 µL of the suspension to a white microtiter plate. Add 100 µL of AP-reagent to the appropriate wells. Incubate for 30 min. at room temperature and measure intensity. 
For specificity repeat the protocol with fluoresceinated AP using all the beads resuspended in substrate for signal detection. 


Specific Signal


Unspecific Signal (Noise)


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Product description

Product No. Quantity

Price ( )

Streptavidin A-Beads

Magnetic particles for isolation of biotinylated targets



2 x 1 mL

1 x 10 mL



5'-Biotin-Oligo (dT) 20 probe

Biotinylated oligonucleotide for capture of mRNA on a streptavidin coated solid surface

A010200 1 x 20 µL


Streptavidin A-Plate

Streptavidin coated 96 well microtiter plate for binding biotinylated target. Ideal for lumines-cence measurements

A010396 2 x 96 Wells