Mediators PhL

An Ultrasensitive Platephotometer and Luminometer

Mediators PhL is a versatile combination of dispensers, photometer and luminometer in a compact instrument for all photometric and luminometric applications. The soft- ware allows convenient access to raw data, kinetic data, quantitative results and qualitative interpretation

1. Advantages

  • All commercially available luminescence systems are compatible with the instrument

  • Easy to use software with preprogrammed routine assays

  • Automatic combination of photometric and luminometric reading (e.g. bacteria/aequorin, luciferase/protein, luciferase/ß-gal)

2. Product features

Mediators PhL is delivered including powerful software, only a computer with Windows operating system or Mac PowerPC and Microsoft Excel program is required.

3. Product description

The instrument is designed to measure all photometric and luminometric applications. For future developments in the luminescence research field, it is already equipped with an highpass-filter. Using Mediators PhL Luciferase, ATP and Aequorin measurements can be extended to extreme low limits of detection and a dynamic range of 7,5 decades. The CV for precision and reproducibility is <0,3%. Due to the high sen- sitivity, the instrument allows to reduce reagent costs. Mediators PhL is equipped with two dispensers which can be used for adding lysis reagent and substrate as well as auto- mating dual or even triple reportergen assays. The dispensing parts are made of glass, ceramic and teflon, therefore all reagents can be used in the instrument. Mediators PhL is an impressive photometer - it has a measurement range of 0,001 - 4,500 OD. It has four filters (405, 450, 570, 620nm) and can be upgraded with additional 9 filters. Mediators PhL is provided with sophisticated software - Quantitative and qualitative evaluation is performed automatically. Many different routine tests for Aequorin, ATP, Alkaline Phosphatase, Dual Reportergen Assays, ß-Galactosidase, Luciferases, Peroxidase etc. or combination of processing steps like in Apoptosis Assay, Aequorin/Bacteria, luciferase/ß-galactosidase are started by pressing one button. The software calculates qualitative, quantitative results and ratios like luciferase/protein, luciferase /ß-galactosidase or Bact.Luciferase/Number of bacteria auto- matically.

4. Applications

The instrument is used in all fields of diagnostic and research. Examples are measurement TSH with aequorin in an ELISA, Salmonella species with AP and LumiPhos Plus in an Hybridi- zation assay, Firefly Luciferase as reportergen, homogenous detection of amplification sequences with a modified Acridiniumester, Apoptosis with ATP/ADP.

5. Measurement Principle

The measurement geometry consists of a three color LED be- low the microplate to be measured, the filter wheel with 16 positions directly above the plate and the Photomultipliertube above the filter wheel.

6. Guarantee

Very high hardware stability is a special feature of the instru- ment. In case of problems an exchange instrument is delivered within 24 to 48 hours.

Use light standard of Lumigen to compare the sensitivity of instruments

Values for Mediators PhL:

100µL in C96 White Maxisorp Fluoronunc, 25°C, 10 sek. Integral



PBS 4  
Standard 944 297


Mediators PhL


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Mediators PhL

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