Lumigen is the world's largest supplier of chemiluminescent reagents to the clinical immunodiagnostics market. Lumigen, located in Southfield, Michigan, was founded in 1987 to research, develop and market novel chemiluminescent compounds for use in life science research and medical diagnostics. The chemiluminescent reagents are now used worldwide in automated systems for the chemiluminescent detection of alkaline phosphatase conjugates and in ultrasensitive assays in the fields of life science research and human identity testing.

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Immtech has broad experience in the development and manufacture of a variety of immunodiagnostic tests, including assays for the detection of both humoral and cellular immune responses, and highly sensitive immunoassays for the detection of specific antigens. The company also specializes in the development of enhanced detection technologies with photometric, chemiluminescent, bioluminescent, and immuno- histochemical applications. ImmTech is the exclusive US distributor for the Aureon product line in luminescence technologies. It serves as a base for Aureon's direct sales to the US. Please contact Dr. Joseph Rosebrock at ImmTech concerning our products in the US.


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Anthos was established in 1987 in Salzburg, Austria. Since then the company has become an international leader in the field of microplate instrumentation. Many features now considered "standard" in modern microplate readers, first appeared in Anthos instruments. Anthos is the pioneer in new measurement technologies for microplates. The luminometers developed by Anthos are still unrivalled in sensitivity.
Many applications could only be developed on the basis of Anthos instrument features.

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