LightOnTM Listeria 

Nucleic acid based assay for the rapid detection of Listeria species.

  • Next day Confirmed Results

  • Maximum Specificity and Sensitivity 

  • Quantitative Measurements

  • Only 2 Hours Assay time 

  • Easy to perform 

  • Minimum Hands-On Procedure

The assay is performed very similarly to a regular ELISA procedure. The detection and confirmation is done with luminescence labelled reagent rather than colorimetric. The sensitivity by light detection is about 100 fold more sensitive than the colorimetric detection in ELISA's.  In addition the nucleic acid based hybridization yields the specificity required for immediate confrmation. The sample is read by the the 96 well Mediators PhL, an ultrasensitive luminometer in less than 2 minutes. No target amplification is necessary.

1. Product Desciption

A fluoresceine labelled hybridization probe which reacts with the Salmonella RNA after lysis of the bacteria. The probe is detected with an anti-fluoresceine antibody conjugated with alkaline phosphatase.

2. Test Principle

Detection and confirmation of all Listeria spp. directly from  enriched samples. Alternatively  colonies on culture media can be picked. The bacterial RNA is released from the  bacteria upon lysis and is captured by an immobilized DNA-oligonucleotide. The captured RNA is hybridized with a fluoresceine labelled detection probe. This  probe is detected by an alkaline phosphatase conjugated anti-fluoresceine antibody. The action of alkaline phosphatase on the fluoresceine substrate causes decomposition of a chemiluminescent intermediate and the energy released is emmitted as light, which can be measured in the Mediators PhL luminometer.

3. Specification

The overall sensitivity and specificity is near 100% according to the described method. 



Overnight enrichment

Capture of bacteria

Lysis of bacteria






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Listeria species Detection Kit

Reagents and coated microplate for hybridi-zation detection of RNA sequences

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