We are a research driven biotechnology company with particular expertise in the isolation and sensitive detection of biomolecules.

Our proprietary technology enables the luminescent detection of proteins and nucleic acids at very low levels. Our magnetic particle separation technology for isolation of cells, proteins and nucleic acids is used in research, diagnostics and environmental monitoring. We serve the research community with luminescent substrates, ultrasensitive luminometers and standards.

Aureon Biosystems is headquartered in Vienna, Austria. Our management team is composed of high-performance players, all with previous management experience from major international biotechnology companies.

Aureon Biosystems intends to deliver solutions to problems considered insurmountable, and to provide significant improvements to existing applications by innovative use of our core competence in magnetic particle technology, biochemistry and engineering.

We, the people at Aureon Biosystems, believe in mutual integrity, trust and transparency. These values are promoted to our employees, partners and customers, as we believe that everyone would prefer to work with a company that really understands the importance of win-win situations and strives to create them.

Dr. Andrew Campbell, Research Director

"We develop and manufacture products which simplify procedures and improve performance for our customers."

Dr. Thomas Schlederer, Managing Director

"We pay attention to all components of operational excellence like cost structure, quality and innovation, productivity, asset utilization, customer satisfaction... There is no doubt that Aureon will have sustainable, profitable growth for many years."

Key Staff


Claudia Burger


Karin Bartonek


Barbara Raberger




Management Team


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