LumiPhos® Plus

For the detection of alkaline phosphatase in solution

FOR IN VITRO USE ONLY. For research purposes only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures for clinical purposes. Patents: US 4,857,652, 4,983,779, 4,962,192, 5,386,017, 5,451,437, 5,484,556, 5,650,099, 5,707,559, 5,891,626, EP 254051B1, JP 2140473, 2711073, AU 663445

1. Product features

One bottle contains ready to use alkaline phosphatase substrate, solution.

2. Stability

The reagent is stable until the expiry date on the label imprint at 4°C. 

3. Advantages

Ready to use formulation, very high dose response, extreme high sensitivity

4. Product description

The sensitivity of ELISAs or hybridization assays often depends on the detection limit for the substrates being used. The substrate is designed to measure alkaline phosphatase with high sensitivity and linearity over 6 decades.

5. Application

ELISAs or hybridization assays may be performed in white or black microtiter plates in luminescent mode. Wash the microtiter plate carefully before adding the substrate to reduce unspecific binding. We recommend to use 100 µL for coating and antibody reaction. This volume should be used also for detection of alkaline phosphatase. Allow the reaction to proceed at room temperature in the dark for 15 min. prior to measurement. Read microtiter plate with luminometer programmed for no delay, no blank mode and a one-second read window.

6. Test Principle

Reaction of the chemiluminescent substrate Lumigen PPD with alkaline phosphatase causes cleavage of the phosphate group resulting in a moderately stable intermediate. The decomposition of this intermediate in Lumi-Phos Plus generates chemiluminescence which decays with a half life time of several minutes at 37°C.

7. Specifications

The alkaline phosphatase substrate used in the AP detection kit performs with good signal and very low intrinsic background. This chemiluminescence mode can detect as low as 1 x 10-20 mol/well of alkaline phosphatase.


Dilution Series of Alkaline Phosphatase

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