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Aureon Biosystems is a specialist biotechnology company with three core areas of expertise; magnetic particle based sample preparation systems (A-BeadsTM), nucleic acid amplification systems and chemiluminescent based diagnostic technology.

Our technologies can be used for specific isolation and detection of microorganisms, minute quantities of nucleic acids, or other biomolecules.

Our products are benchmarked with the best available, and products are only released if they have a clear advantage over competitors in performance or ease of use.

Aureon Biosystems GmbH

Simmeringer Hauptstr. 24

A-1110 Vienna / Austria

Tel:      +43 1 740 40 350

Fax:     +43 1 740 40 359 info@AureonBio.com

Margit I. Schlederer, Ph.D.

"Innovation is a key element of Aureon Biosystems strategy for novel solutions to old and new issues based on clever ideas."


We are interested in partnerships and cooperations (Distribution, OEM, Licensing, Research Cooperation). If you have a product idea, we are interested to develop such products based on our core technologies.